Peppers stuffed with Spider Crab


1 kg crumbled spider crab.

12 piquillo peppers.

1 green pepper.

1 onion.

1 clove.

1 glass of brandy.

Extra virgin olive oil.

50 cl home-made fried tomato.

6 prawns.

Chopped parsley.



Pepper stuffing

Fry gently the chopped garlic, onion and green pepper in virgin olive oil. Once all this is ready, add the crumbled spider crab (white meat and coral) and flambé the brandy. Add 3 spoons of tomato and mix.

Seafood sauce

When cooking the home-made fried tomato, add 6 prawns and cook them at the same time. Mix the sauce and strain it.


Stuff the peppers and serve them over the prawn sauce. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

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