Coral de Buey de mar triturado o entero

We take the Brown Crab alive and we steam it in a conventional oven. This way, the Brown Crab keeps all
its nutrients once cooked.

After separating the different parts of the Brown Crab, we manipulate it in an artisan way so as to obtain its
white meat and its coral.


Preparing the stuffing for San Sebastian Style Spider Crab, stuffed hake, crêpes, stuffed peppers, stuffed vol-au-vent, Spider crab cream…


– Prduced with alive crab.

– Origin: Cantabrian sea, Ireland, United Kingdom and north of France.

– Hand crumbled.

– Product 100% natural

– Content: Fresh or Frozen. 250 gr, 500 gr or 1 kg.

– Package: Plastic tray.

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