San Sebastian style stuffed Brown Crab

The main basis of this product is its white meat and its coral, naturally extracted in our facilities.

From this basis, plus a mixture of a series of fully natural ingredients, we produce our star product, the San Sebastian Style Stuffed Spider Crab, presented in its own shell, a very popular recipe of Basque gastronomy.


Presented in its own shell, no need to be cooked, the dough is ready to be consumed. It is recommended to add a bit of bread crumbs and butter before cooking it au gratin. It can also be heated in the microwave. Suitable as a starter, main course or a snack for 2-3 people.


– Produced with alive crab.

– Origin: Cantabrian sea, Ireland, United Kingdom and north of France.

– Hand crumbled.

– Product 100% natural

– Ingredients: Crab (Cancer Pagurus), onion, tomato, cream, brandy and salt.

– Content: Frozen. 70 gr and 180 gr.

– Package: Vacuum packed.

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